A Tribute From Commissioner Keith Banks

I first met Wycliffe through the Joystrings of which my late wife Pauline was a member. His genial personality, clever humour and fine mind hugely impressed me as a young Salvation Army Officer.

Pauline knew him before their association through the Joystrings because her parents were the Salvation Army leaders at Kingston where Wycliffe was a member. This would have been in the early fifties and Pauline and her sister Margaret were very young at that time. But both always spoke with great pleasure about Wycliffe and the influence he had upon them. Pauline’s face would always light up with a smile when she spoke about those days and she always considered it such a pleasure that the Joystrings had brought them into contact with each other again.

Wycliffe’s flamboyant style as the drummer with the Joystrings was legendary. He used his drumming skills to communicate the message the Joystrings had to give – the ‘Open secret’ of God’s love for the world. And no one could have drummed the message home with more enthusiasm and vigour than Wycliffe.

I last saw Wycliffe on a visit I made to the Army’s Sunbury Court at Sunbury on Thames, close to where Wycliffe and Liz lived. Liz so thoughtfully brought Wycliffe in his wheelchair to see me and I recall very well the emotional impact our time together had on me.

I know beyond doubt that he has been promoted to Glory, to use that unique Salvation Army term. God has said his ‘well done’ to him and Wycliffe is at home in God’s presence.

It is very bad theology to think that heaven could ever be improved upon, but if it were possible, then heaven would certainly be enriched by the arrival of Wycliffe Noble. My guess is he may have started redesigning the place already! And I can just imagine Pauline aiding and abetting him with the project! What a man! What a life! What outstanding achievements! Wycliffe, I salute you.

Commissioner Keith Banks.