Carol Chapman, Wycliffe’s P.A.

I worked for Wycliffe as his P.A. for the last 14 years of his working life. It was a real privilege to assist him with some of the projects he was involved in right up until he retired.

I suppose most of us want to think that our lives will make a difference but few of us can actually achieve it. Wycliffe was one of the few that did.

He was a very quiet and unassuming man who didn’t laugh out loud very often. We would sometimes have conversations whilst he discussed with me the work which needed to be done that day. On one of these occasions, Wycliffe was telling me about a large plant his sons had given him for his office (which he was so delighted with). I then told him about someone I know who had watered an artificial one for a fortnight whilst looking after a neighbours house when they were away. I can hear him laughing now.

Another time Wycliffe had brought his old dog into the front hall and I had a little chat with the dog before going upstairs to my office. With a great effort, the poor old dog followed me up the stairs. Wycliffe was astonished as he said, “I didn’t think he could get up there”. The dog flopped down next to my desk and stayed there while Wycliffe signed off some work I had done, then went downstairs again.